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Divorce Financial Services

Your divorce will soon be in your past; however, the decisions you make within the process are going to have a substantial impact on the future of you and your loved ones. Marriage Financial Solutions can assist in creating a vision of what your financial life might look like in the time after your divorce. We may look at the following five years or the following 40. Given a potential settlement scenario, how might each individual fare? Will one partner have a comfortable life while the other spouse barely gets by? Will the scenario meet all the needs of your family? If it does not, how might it be changed to better care for the lives it’ll impact?

Together we’ll look at the possible outcomes of your proposed financial settlements before you make a commitment. Because after all, the goal is to move forward feeling safe and secure.

Many divorcing couples sincerely attempt to arrive at a divorce settlement which works well for both partners. Unfortunately, what might appear fair today oftentimes doesn’t stay equitable over time.

We use our financial experience in the area of divorce to facilitate conversations and oftentimes illustrate the possible impact of your proposed settlements by assessing income, assets, expenses, cash flow, liabilities, and net worth. We’ll check how those financial elements may be impacted in the future by situations like appreciation, inflation, tax consequences, earnings potential, and liquidity constraints and events.


Within divorce proceedings a spouse expresses the need to keep the home, particularly if kids are involved. Generally, family memories are strong and difficult to let go of within this tumultuous period. A parent also may think that removing the family from the house may be too overwhelming for the kids. Parents might want to hold on to the home until the kids start college, for instance. In exchange for the home, one spouse might need to shift assets like retirement accounts or more liquid investments like investment funds and stocks to the other spouse in order to buy them out of their equity. That spouse may have a strong net worth because of the home, but will they have an adequate amount of liquidity to pay the mortgage, provide food, and save for retirement? Can we figure out a method of minimizing any negative financial problems to accomplish that goal? What alternatives are there?

We work with divorcing couples and individual clients by collecting written and verbal details on their present financial situation and we also discover what their intentions, goals, and concerns are. Working together with your attorney, we’ll create a variety of settlement scenarios to consider and explore. The reports generated will demonstrate how all your proposed scenarios may affect your finances in the future.

This analysis is invaluable in assisting you in making educated decisions about what settlement scenario may be in your family’s best interest.

Though not every situation calls for these types of scenarios to be produced, our work also may entail assisting in identifying actual expenses, educating one or both spouses on how to consider their debts and assets, creating a spending strategy for kids, deciding how to address income sharing prior to an agreement being reached and numerous other financial questions and issues.

Our Certified Divorce Financial Analysts™ (CDFA) examine the financial implications and after-tax consequences of various options for dividing property and providing or receiving child and/or spousal support in mediated, collaborative, and litigated divorces.

We can help to:

  • collect financial and expense data
  • prepare a lifestyle analysis
  • prepare settlement scenarios
  • analyze the impact of different proposals
  • identify future financial goals
  • develop a budget
  • set retirement objectives
  • pension valuation

Our services include customized financial strategies for:

  • short and long term financial effect of any given divorce settlement
  • tax and legal issues
  • pension and retirement plans
  • options regarding the marital home
  • insurance needs
  • lifestyle for future support needs

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