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Our Why

In most relationships, there is a natural division of labor. Groceries and cleaning supplies, internet and cable, and bill paying are examples of tasks that only require one person to handle them, even though both people are perfectly capable of taking care of them.

Along these lines, it is normal that one partner has a stronger grasp of finances than the other, even though both are intelligent and could take on this responsibility. On the one hand, there’s nothing wrong with this division of labor. On the other hand, it leaves the non-financial partner in the dark on a topic that should be open to everyone. 

Finances are a top reason couples fight, a driving factor in family decision making, and impactful to so many aspects of life. Women and men, whether single or in a relationship, should be empowered to understand their financials and their future. (As an aside, I think children should be educated about finance in schools for similar reasons, but that can be addressed in a blog post.)

As we raise our daughter, with a second one on the way, I would never want them to feel beholden to someone else for something so critical to their lives. I want them to be strong, knowledgeable, independent thinkers who are comfortable questioning the way things are done and proposing solutions, and this is my hope for all women and girls too.

And that is our mission and OUR WHY at Marriage Financial Solutions

Alex, the Director of Marriage Financial Solutions, founded the company so that he and his team could better serve individuals going through a transition. Often, financial professionals are only focused on investment consulting; however, people in-transition require a holistic financial planning approach. Our approach gives divorcees, retirees, widows/widowers and inheritors a comprehensive analysis of their current situation and what they would need to do to achieve their financial goals. We find that most individuals going through these life events benefit from assistance during the process and after so that they can begin their new life. On occasion the person missing from the picture was the one who took on the financial responsibilities ranging from budgeting to investing. That is where Marriage Financial Solutions comes in to help.

Our team is made up of CFP® and CDFA® professionals, who have a combined 40 years of experience helping individuals achieve their financial goals. We offer customized strategies that differ from that of traditional financial services professionals. At Marriage Financial Solutions we have experience analyzing divorce settlements, buy-out agreements, lump-sum payout management, lifestyle analysis, sensitivity analysis, asset division and much more. In addition, we look to maintain an on-going professional relationship with our clients by providing assistance on future financial decisions ranging from purchasing a new car to refinancing a mortgage – we will be with you along the way. We pride ourselves in making the complicated subject of managing your finances into a simple, digestible topic.

Our team of professionals are dedicated to what is most important to you. We do this though providing you with unbiased, transparent, independent fee-only financial advice.